Sunday, April 4, 2010

Episode 43

Easter weekend already! Time is flying by this year. We've got some incredible weather happening here in Southern Ontario which is very easy to take.

One week ago I started on the Jeff Galloway training plan for Half Marathon - with a goal of finishing - no time limit. I'm not imposing a time limit because I'll be doing this training plan twice before I actually use the plan in a race. The first time through will be to just convince myself that I can make it through the plan with no stumbles, and the second time will bring me in line for a Half Marathon mid-September.

I've been doing a lot of experimenting with different foods. Reg is in heaven because we always have something different for dinner, and he's not cooking his own any more. I'm still not convinced that meat eating is the way for me to go. I started eating animal products again in an attempt to ditch all my food rules and be a more 'normal' person to be around. I will continue to cook meat and fish for Reg, and I will eat flesh in social situations where there isn't any other choice, but I honestly feel a lot better and have more energy when I stick to the plant world. I'm just not going to be so rigid about it. I never did go back to dairy - I prefer soy milk for my tea and coffee.

I'm happy to be feeling happy again. The sun is a wonderful thing - a few days of it and my mood is SO much better!

I did an interview with Stella for my podcast this week. She's the voice that has been living in my head forever. She convinces me that it's ok to do all the things I know I shouldn't...LOL Buh Bye Stella - la la la I'm not listening anymore!