Saturday, September 26, 2009

Episode 24

This is the CrossFit gym that I work out at, and the guy is Dave - my trainer. He doesn't look so scary does he? He isn't really, but he will rarely take no for an answer. He's an excellent motivator, and he knows how far he can push.

I thought he was letting me off way too easy this week with the WOD (workout of the day.) It involved a lot of situps, situps with medicine balls, leg raises, and knees to chest maneuvers, as well as overhead squats. I really didn't feel like I had done enough when I finished. I really didn't feel anything the next day - in fact I did more situps and a bunch of squats.

On the third day I rested because I had no choice. I couldn't walk upright. It hurt to stand up and it hurt to cough. Everything from my shoulders to my hips was tight. My abs (yes, I know there are abs under that roll of fat) feel tender to the touch. I definitely did enough.

I am no longer a vegetarian. I have been eating chicken and fish regularly since I started working with Dave, and while I can't say that I love it, I'm getting used to it and I'm recovering from workouts faster than I used to. I was never into it because of ethics - I just don't like meat. My mind is open to almost anything, so on we go.

Major accomplishment of this week - I cut Dexter's toenails and we're both alive to talk about it.

Peace out.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Episode 23

This was a pretty fantastic week. Great weather - lots of sun and blue sky, and nice warm temperatures that we never got all summer.

The photo is my poor elbow after I fell again on the trail at Fanshawe Lake. I wasn't even running at the time, but standing at the top of a steep gravel-coated downhill, trying to take a picture with my Crackberry. I lost my footing and couldn't stop the slide. My elbow, knee, and left hip got the worst of it - especially my hip which is now a lovely shade of black/green.

I came home and promised Reg I wouldn't go running out there alone anymore. I have other options for trail running, and once Thanksgiving is over and the main park closes for the season, I can run the trails there without fear of falling over the cliff.

I'm going to be making a big announcement on next week's show - so stay tuned. It's big for me - won't be for any of you. HA!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fifty Counting Down Episode 22

This is the Killally Road Hill. I have ridden my bike down it several times, but I always take an alternate route home because it's VERY steep and since I have been afraid to try to change gears on my bike I knew I would never get up it in the gear I normally use.

Sunday - I rode the hill and conquered it. It wasn't anywhere near as difficult as I thought it was going be, once I got into the right gear. I practiced changing gears for a while before I got onto the hill road and then just decided to let 'er rip and get 'er done.

Somehow, this photo doesn't do the hill justice - it really IS steep at the top end, and my poor old heart was pounding like it never has before. I stopped to let it come back to sort of normal, even though I might have been able to continue without stopping.

I feel like I really accomplished something this week by riding that hill, and from now on I'm not going to be afraid to push myself a lot harder than I have been at running.

My heart can take it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Episode 21

This has been a good week for me - a few stress-related food issues, but that's on ongoing problem that I may never be rid of.

I had two great sessions at Crossfit - one with just me and Dave doing running drills, and one with 6 other people in a group class. I love/hate the group for various reasons, and I'll definitely go back. I think twice a week will be good for me for now. Nobody leaves a Crossfit class thinking they didn't work hard enough!

I ran 3.5 miles this morning using the Pose method - I still have to concentrate on making sure I'm not heel-striking, but it's coming along and it's definitely a lot less tiring than the way I have been running. I expect it to come naturally before too long!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Episode 20

I never really thought I would make it to 20 episodes, but here I am, sharing experiences and trying to keep myself accountable. This has been another really good week - I'm feeling better than I have in a long time and I know my running mojo has returned.

I got up Monday morning and made a conscious decision to spend more time running and less time talking about it. Since I started Crossfit, my mileage has suffered because I've been afraid to get myself too tired out. That, my friends, is a big ole cop-out excuse.

So...I ran 2 miles of intervals on Monday, 5k yesterday with a killer hill in the middle, and 4.32 miles this morning, interspersed with bench dips and squats. Making myself understand that it's ok to take breaks while running is hard - but I'm working at it. My actual running time is still hovering around a 13 minute mile (curses on you extra damn 30 pounds) but I do have spurts of 11 and 12 minutes. My goal has never been to run fast - it has been to run far. I want a marathon before I'm 65. The photo is of the river this early morning - so beautiful and peaceful. I wanted to sit down and just watch fish jump for a while, but then two kingfishers got into a very loud squabble over a fish - so I moved on.

Check out the links on the sidebar of Good Mornings, and air squats - two of the exercises I'm doing at Crossfit that are really making a difference in my overall fitness. On to kettlebell swings next, and tomorrow I am going to CRUSH my previous time for a 500m row.

Peace out.