Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fifty Counting Down Episode 22

This is the Killally Road Hill. I have ridden my bike down it several times, but I always take an alternate route home because it's VERY steep and since I have been afraid to try to change gears on my bike I knew I would never get up it in the gear I normally use.

Sunday - I rode the hill and conquered it. It wasn't anywhere near as difficult as I thought it was going be, once I got into the right gear. I practiced changing gears for a while before I got onto the hill road and then just decided to let 'er rip and get 'er done.

Somehow, this photo doesn't do the hill justice - it really IS steep at the top end, and my poor old heart was pounding like it never has before. I stopped to let it come back to sort of normal, even though I might have been able to continue without stopping.

I feel like I really accomplished something this week by riding that hill, and from now on I'm not going to be afraid to push myself a lot harder than I have been at running.

My heart can take it.


  1. I finally got the gumption up to do a similar thing. The Denver area 'TV Antenna Farm' is on Lookout mountain in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains Just West of Denver.
    The mountain has a twist, curvy 2 lane blacktop that runs from a highway to the top. It gains 1,400 feet in 4 1/2 miles. Last Saturday morning, I rode the bike up that road! It took me an hour to get up that hill (and like 15 minutes to get back down)!
    Congratulations, Lybbe. Please keep the inspiration coming.

  2. Hello Lybbe. I found your blog after reading your feedback about the Free Press web site on Twitter. I'm responsible for the LFP digital media stuff but my real passion is riding and triathlons so your blog caught my eye. Plus I must live in your general area as this hill in your photo is very familiar to me; I ride up it everytime I head out of the 'valley' to go for a ride.

    You're absolutely right, it is deceptively difficult, especially if you haven't warmed up just yet.

    P.S. Sorry that you don't like our new site design. I'm open to suggestion or feedback if you ever want to connect via Twitter at @SteveatLFPress.