Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Episode 4

This week I talk about the need for added fat in our diets, half marathon plans, free iPhone apps that rock, and enjoying the summer weather.

Monday is the day I choose for my long run of the week, and I will always do it on a bike path that runs beside the river. Last Monday I was lucky enough to see these deer getting a morning drink and generally cooling off. They left as soon as they saw me, and have no idea how much joy they gave me. On my return trip I saw a herd of about 8 deer in the woods, but they too took off as soon as they were aware of me. Amazes me how they can run so quickly and make so little noise.

I got some road tires put on my mountain bike, and I plan to crank in a few miles of biking for cross-training - something I have never really done. Cross training is boring - running is fun. I think biking can probably be fun too. Only time will tell.

Have a listen to my podcast on iTunes - just search for Fifty Counting Down and you'll fine me.

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