Thursday, May 28, 2009

Episode 5

I do a little interview with Reg about why he has quit running. Since the man is incapable of being serious, it's really just a bit of fun.

Allergies are still making me feel like I'm plodding through molasses, and I have no energy to do anything but eat.

A surprise phone call from UltraDad really make my day - we haven't heard from him since he decided to take himself off the social network and concentrate on his family. He's doing well and training for a 10k. He says he may call in again - I hope so.

It's absolutely pouring rain today - and I mean coming down in bucketfuls. A few weeks ago I learned that the little girl Idrive to school was going to be excluded from a class trip to a farm because she needs one on one supervision. She's hearing impaired and has several behaviour problems. I get along with her very well, so I volunteered to go with her because I hate to see a child left out. Today's the day. We're going to a farm and we're going rain or shine. I'm thinking I'll wear Reg's full body rain suit. Wish me luck.

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