Saturday, August 29, 2009

Episode 19

This has been a darned fantastic week. The boring details of my exercise program will be recorded on my podcast - the fun stuff - well, it was just FUN!

Thursday, we took our grandchildren and daughter to Stratford to see West Side Story at the Festival Theater.

We met for lunch at Kelsey's - Renee arrived hotter than a burnt cookie because Hunter and got into the truck with no shoes on and she didn't notice until they were almost in Stratford. Fast trip to Zellers for replacements where it was impossible to buy cheap summer sandals or flipflops because of all the back to school hoo ha. Hunter was typically unfazed by the whole ordeal - just get me some shoes if you have to and let's go eat!

The boys totally got into the musical and loved any minute of it. No boredom at all. It was a good first experience for them because it was action-packed and not a lot of girly stuff. I won't hesitate to take them back. It's a shame that theater tickets are so freakin' expensive!

Note the link on the sidebar to 'Sugar Stacks' - it's a real eye-opener.

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