Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fifty Counting Down - Episode 7

How pathetic does this face look? I'm not sure which is my favourite part - the dirt on the end of my nose, or the blood streaming down my chin that looks like it was painted on. I assure you, it's real blood.

I am a trail runner! I've walked this particular trail many times with my dog, Dexter, but I got it into my head last week to try running on it as a diversion from the cement I usually run on.

I LOVED it! There is no boredom involved - there's always something happening in the woods, and there is no traffic noise. The fact that I tripped and fell over a tree root is inconsequential. Call it a right of passage if you will.

My return trip a few days later was much better as far as falling was concerned, but it started raining at the half way point of my run and the rain turned the trail to a slick surface that wasn't suited to my good Asics running shoes. I'll be investing in some trail shoes very soon, because I plan to keep this up.

I'm getting better at biking, and much more confident at riding on the road. I'm still sticking to quieter streets, and country roads, but it's all about the distance for me. I'm not interested in speed, but I really enjoy distance, whether running or biking.

On my podcast this week I read an excerpt from the book 'Conquer Your Food Addiction' by Caryl Ehrlich - a very good read for anyone who has ever suffered from binge behaviour or food addiction. See the link on the sidebar to Ehrlich's website.


  1. Oh boy! Be careful out there. Trail running is fun but those roots, branches, and all other stuff can really trip you. :)

  2. Loved the "matter of fact" way you deliver your podcast. Thanks for sharing the entertaining stories from your life. Keep going!