Saturday, July 25, 2009

25 Things about me.

A friend from Twitter read these 25 things on an old blog, and I decided to move them over here.

1. It drives me crazy that I am mentally incapable of controlling my weight. My mind is my only interference - I'm physically doing everything I need to do.

2. I have had totally silver hair since I was 35.

3. I was terrified of high school - even though I hung out with a popular crowd I was always afraid they would find out I was a fraud.

4. I married my first husband for fear of being old and single. (I was 22)

5. I left my first husband because I didn't want my daughter to see me become old and miserable.

6. I would like to go back to school and learn everything there is to know about computers and technology.

7. I have published a book of erotic poems. (Approximate Value of Love)

8. I am a fiercely loyal friend.

9. I am afraid of my brother.

10. I have learned more about my father since he passed at age 52, than I ever knew about him while he was alive.

11. I love all animals and can't ever imagine eating one - although I understand why people do and don't fault them for it.

12. My partner is my best friend and confidante, and I should have found him first.

13. I don't lust after material things and nothing that I own matters to me beyond being convenience.

14. I was a terrible mother (at times) but I'm a fantastic grandparent.

15. I wasted way too many years drinking too much wine and looking for escape in a bottle.

16. I'm a hard worker, and put my all into anything I do.

17. I don't like to cook.

18. If I let myself, I could live on corn chips, candy, and bread.

19. I have run a half marathon, and I will run a marathon before I'm 65.

20. Finding exercise has saved me from sinking into the sewer of depression.

21. I admire my sister and wish I could be more like her.

22. I really enjoy 'connecting' with people online - if were as easy to bring so many interesting people into daily life I would do it - but I think we'll have to wait for time travel to do that.

23. My musical tastes move forward - I hate being stuck in a musical rut.

24. I'm addicted to apples. (hate red delicious - all others fair game)

25. I am constantly trying to improve myself through meditation, exercise, reading, blah blah blah - you get the idea.


  1. You are a brave one Lybbe! I admire your candor, but I just can't be quite as open. NO GUTS!

  2. Red delicious apples are the worst!